Ivy Hummon, LM, CPM

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Ivy Hummon, LM, CPM

ivy_hummon_photoPhone: (413) 519-2568

Website: http://www.mywombfruit.com

Email: ivyhummon@gmail.com

Address: 440 E. Dearborne St., Englewood, FL 34223

Ivy Hummon is a Florida Licensed Midwife, a Certified Professional Midwife, and the owner of Fruit of the Womb Midwifery Care — a homebirth service available to families in the Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto and surrounding counties.  Fruit of the Womb Midwifery Care strives to provide the highest quality of prenatal, labor and postpartum care. It is our belief that pregnancy and birth are important family and life events. Maternity care should support and promote family unity, the cornerstone of our social structure. Women have the right to choose the type of care that fits their lifestyle and recognizes their individual, emotional and spiritual needs. We trust in the inherent nature of birth and the woman’s ability to deliver their babies without drugs or interventions. Women labor and birth more easily when they are in an environment that feels safe and secure and when they are surrounded by love, trust and support. Fruit of the Womb Midwifery Care will provide warm, friendly, and personalized care. The midwifery care received will be sensitive, caring, and always available. It is our goal to partner with the woman to educate and empower her to share in the decisions and responsibility of her care. Where there is knowledge there is power. Women acting in full disclosure of information can better utilize medical care for themselves and their babies.

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Phone: (413) 519-2568